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RazoRock DE Safety Razor - Lupo Black biztonsági borotva

13.870 Ft

Méret: 90mm hosszú,

Súly: 28,35g.

Elérhetőség: Szállítás 5-10 munkanap
Várható szállítás: 2024. május 01.
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RazoRock Lupo DE Safety Razor
The RazoRock Lupo safety razor has an interesting story. Many of our clients were frustrated because there is a very popular safety razor in the marketplace that is almost impossible to obtain. On top of that, these razors were selling for over $500 a pop! A good client then made an interesting proposal. He said to us, "If I send you one of these $500 razors, do you think you can make some under your RazoRock brand and sell them for a lot less than $500?" We hummed and hawed but eventually, we agreed. I received the razor and I shaved with it for a few weeks straight. It was an excellent shaver but had two characteristics I wasn't fond of. First, the DE blade tabs were exposed by a large amount making it easy to nick your ears or your nose. Second, because the head was mirror polished by hand, the tolerances were not the greatest, some area of the razor had been over-polished and the mating of the top cap and base plate were not to my satisfaction. Before producing it, we knew we had to correct these flaws. We decided to round the sides of the head in order to cover the blade tabs but not change the width of the safety bar where it contacts your skin, a nifty little solution. To make these razor accessible to everyone, the first run is CNC milled aluminum which allows us to sell the razor for under thirty bucks!

The RazoRock Lupo safety razor is CNC milled from corrosion-resistant 6066 aluminum making it lightweight and extremely durable. In addition, the aluminum has been anodized for added protection and corrosion-resistance.

RazoRock uses CNC milling for the Lupo safety razor because it is the most precise way to manufacture a razor. It's important that razors are made to high tolerances so the blade is held perfectly every time. Many of RazoRock's competitors use inferior casting processes to manufacture their razors; we believe RazoRock's milling process is the best in the industry!


Weight: 1.0 oz (28,35g)

Handle Length: 90 mm

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