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RazoRock DE Safety Razor - Switch BLACK

18.250 Ft
100mm hosszú, 40g súlyú biztonsági borotva egyenesen Itáliából
Elérhetőség: Azonnal átvehető
Várható szállítás: 2023. december 06.
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RazoRock Switch DE Safety Razor
The first of its kind! A razor that can transform from a barber-style straight razor to a traditional safety razor, two razors in one! The RazoRock Switch uses any standard double-edge (DE) blade. Check out the product photos on the left, you will see the two different configurations in which the razor can be used.

The RazoRock Switch razor is CNC milled from corrosion-resistant 6066 aluminum making it lightweight and extremely durable. In addition, the aluminum has been anodized for added protection and corrosion-resistance.

RazoRock uses CNC milling for the Switch razor because it is the most precise way to manufacture a razor. It's important that razors are made to high tolerances so the blade is held perfectly every time. Many of RazoRock's competitors use inferior casting processes to manufacture their razors; we believe RazoRock's milling process is the best in the industry!

Why is the RazoRock Switch so great as a barber-style straight razor? The first reason is cost. The Switch uses a standard double-edge (DE) blade which costs as little as 5 cents per blade, this makes it very economical for barbers that are required to change the blade with each new client. The second reason is the design. The Switch uses a DE blade in the head; this means two blade edges are exposed and the razor can be used in two different directions to cut thus making it very fast and efficient, especially when cleaning the nape area and the neckline. 

A professional barbers new best friend! If you are a barber, you already know the value of quality tools. You probably use German or Japanese scissors because you won't comprise the perfect cut, nor should you! Once you use the RazoRock Switch you will wonder how you ever worked without it. The RazoRock Switch is perfect for cleaning up the nape and neckline, it is also a joy to use for beard and head shaves. The RazoRock Switch is easy and safe to use and your clients will marvel at the results! As a barber, The RazoRock Switch will give a clear edge over your competition.

The Switch is also wonderful for shaving body, especially legs, arms, chest, and backs. Many of our women clients have been using the RazoRock Switch to shave their legs in the bath and shower, we have received nothing but compliments and praise on the design!


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