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RazoRock DE Safety Razor - Game Changer 84-P Jaws Super Knurl Handle biztonsági borotva

33.760 Ft

Méret:13mm x 90mm,

Súly: 82g.

Elérhetőség: Készlethiány
Várható szállítás: 2024. április 26.
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*The bottom of the base please now has a slot down the middle, so it's slightly different than the bottom of the base plate in the photos. The geometry and shave are identical, the change was made for aesthetic reasons.(See pictures 9-11 for new head)

Why did we call this razor the Game Changer? It's really simple! This razor was produced to a standard that is superior to razors which typically costs 4-8 times the price, yet in usual RazoRock fashion we are bringing you the highest standards of quality at a price everyone can afford. The RazoRock Game Changer is built to last a lifetime, machined from marine grade billet stainless steel, the same way a Swiss watch case is machined. This is a razor you can depend on forever!

Finish: Please note, these razors are tools, not jewels. We use a vibratory tumbling finish process which maintains the highest possible tolerances for the razors. This means the razors will not be mirror finished and will not be mark-free. The razors may have some milling marks or finishing marks. The razors can always be jewelry polished by the client later but our goal is to sell the razor at the best possible tolerances and lowest possible price. The metal-on-metal contact from the handle locking against the base-plate will create a ring mark on the base. It's common for handles to have micro dents from the tumbled finish.

Build: Full CNC machined to tolerances of two thousandths of an inch

Handle Diameter x Length:

Bulldog, 13 mm x 90 mm, ~2.8 oz weight
Super Knurl, 13 mm x 90 mm, ~2.9 oz weight
HD, 13 mm x 85 mm (14 mm Butt End), ~2.6 oz weight
UFO, 13 mm x 85 mm, ~2.3 oz weight
Bamboo, 13 mm x 90 mm, ~2.3 oz weight
2-Piece Halo, 12 mm x 82 mm (15 mm Butt End), ~2.1 oz weight
Barber Pole, 12 mm x 85 mm (15 mm Butt End), ~2.6 oz weight
Radio Knob, 12 mm x 85 mm (15 mm Knob End), ~2.7 oz weight
Blade Gap: 0.84 mm

Blade Exposure: Positive

Material: 316L Marine Grade Stainless Steel

Finish: 3 stage, 24 hour, machine vibratory finish. It's important to note that our finish is designed to de-burr and make the pieces smooth with minimum effect on machining tolerances. It's a took-like finish and not a mirror-type high polish; each piece is unique (no two pieces will be identical). We don't believe in hand polishing our machined safety razors because it's self-defeating. We spend so much time and effort getting the tolerances tight, a hand polish will just ruin these tolerances. We would rather give you a quality took-like finish at a great price and leave it up to you if you want to put a jewelry type polish or gun-kote at the razor later at additional cost.

Other Details: Each razor is engraved with a unique serial number.

How to load the blade: The easiest way to load a DE blade into the RazoRock Game Changer razor is to put the base plate of the razor head (the flat one) in the palm of your hand, then drop DE blade over the alignment posts. Then you can put the top cap on and proceed to screw down the handle locking the blade into the razor head.

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